Madden Tips, Madden Guides, and Madden Strategies

Whether it is Madden or real football, we cover it. Right now there are several Madden Tips, Madden Guides, and Madden Strategies with videos and text that have been posted on X’s O’s Football.  We take a different approach on how Madden tips and real football plays are broken down. Unlike other sites, we break down Madden and real football plays with in-depth analysis and the use of the telestrator.

There are several sections on the site that you may interest you. Below is a brief description of each.

  • Football Plays  – This section is all about breaking down real football plays that will translate over to football video games. Plays include ones that we have seen while reading books, found on the net, plays from video games, or watching real football games that I saw during the season. Each breakdown down has video and text.  In addition images may be included in the breakdown.
  • Football Strategies – This section contains strategies, schemes, tips and other X’s and O’s football related material that I have written or have found on the web. Many of these football strategies can be applied to football video games.
  • Madden Tips – In this section, you will find the X’s and O’s for Madden. Some of the videos will feature us breaking down plays, and others will be from various guests and community contributors. We have always said that getting Madden Tips from different perspectives from all sorts of players is the best way to learn how to play.
  • Locker Room – Here you will find plenty of free content such as Football 101, Game Tools, and  Playbook Analysis that will help you get up to speed. The Football 101 section features basics Madden tips such as offensive, defensive, other tips to get you heading in the right direction. The Game Tools section consist of interactive depth charts, play call sheets, and more. The Playbook Analysis has the Play Finder 15, Offensive and Defensive Formation finder.
  • News – Get caught up on the latest Madden news.
  • Digital Football Guides – If you are looking for Madden Tips, Madden Guides or real football guides to help improve your knowledge of video game football or real football, consider purchasing one or more of our digital football guides. Below is a complete list of our current digital football guides that can be purchased instantly at X’s O’s Football.

Current Digital Football Video Guides

We currently there are seven Football Video Guides that can be found on the X’s O’s Football site.

Strong Close 15

  • Get 21 play breakdowns and over 3 hours of video from one of the most popular offensive formations in the game
  • Get complete overviews of each run and pass play shown in the Strong Close 15 guide. We show what receiver to look to throw to first based on the pass coverage. If the primary receiver is not open, we don’t leave you blind, we also show second, third, and fourth options, plus give you tips and notes for each play at the end of each play we breakdown.
  • Discover the best teams to use with the Strong Close formation. We extensively breakdown the top 5 teams for using the Strong Close formation.
  • We provide you with our four favorite quick audibles to use when running the Strong Close formation. We teach you when to call each play and how to react to what the defense throws at you. Never be stuck in a bad play call situation again.
  • Get all the Strong Close formation play diagrams at your disposal for both the Xbox One and PS4. We’ve included play diagrams of every play in the Strong Close. This is an awesome reference tool for you to have with you while studying for your games.

Attacking Coverages: Cover 3

  • Get the strengths and weaknesses of Cover 3 coverage. Learn what spots on the field that will help make you that much more proficient when it comes to attacking Cover 3 coverage.
  • 20 popular passing plays/concepts such as Levels, Snag, and Texas that have been tested over the years that have been consistently effective at attacking Cover 3 coverage.
  • Each passing concept breakdown goes into in-depth detail how to attacking Cover 3 coverage by showing a play diagram, what hot routes need to be made if any, what pass reads to make,  and coaching points that tell which receiver’s will be open and not open.
  • Each breakdown comes with a video breakdown of how to attack Cover 3 coverage. Video breakdowns range from 4 to 8 minutes long that adds up to over 2 full hours of high quality video.

Singleback Ace Attack 14


  • Have the complete Singleback Ace formation with play diagrams at your disposal for both the Xbox and Play Station. We’ve included play diagrams of every play in the Singleback Ace. This is an awesome reference tool for you to have with you while studying for your games.
  • Discover the best teams to use with the Singleback Ace formation . We extensively breakdown the top 5 teams for using the Singleback Ace formation..
  • We provide you with the our four favorite quick audibles to use when running the Singleback Ace formation. We teach you when to call each play and how to react to what the defense throws at you. Never be stuck in a bad play call situation again.

Gridiron Guide 14


  • Players on defense love to bring nano heat with bump-n-run man coverage. We show you how to shred that scheme to pieces with proven passing plays.
  • Increase your QB rating by reading defenses better and learning how to attack different coverages more effectively. Throw more TD’s and less interceptions. Master the short and long pass. Learn the skills you need to be an effective quarterback on the gridiron.
  • We breakdown techniques to run against defensive fronts. Learning to make the right pre-snap reads will make you a better runner.
  • An in-depth look at different types of blitz schemes, concepts, and techniques from the 3-4, 4-3, 4-4, 46 that can be used to get to the quarterback quickly.

Blitz Guide 13


  • Score points on defense – There is nothing more satisfying when playing defense than to user pick a pass as your opponent is throwing into your end zone and then take the rock 100 yards the other way for a score. By calling a blitz, you can create scoring opportunities for your defense.
  • Creating turnovers – If you can’t score on defense, you can at least create turnovers by blitzing. How times have you seen a defender hitting the QB as the ball is being thrown? Often this leads to a fumble. If you don’t blitz and sit back in a bend but don’t break defense, you will be less likely to see the QB cough up the ball.
  • Force the offense to keep potential receivers into block- If the opposing QB is getting drilled into the ground all game, the offense will be forced to leave in pass blockers to help counter your blitz schemes. The problem with this is it leaves less receivers to throw to. If you a crafty defensive coordinator, you will recognize this and mix in your blitz schemes with 8-9-10-11 pass coverage schemes.

Gridiron Guide 13



  • The complete guide to the passing game: Using the pocket, pass routes and combinations, hot routes, motion, beating bump and run, and more!
  • The complete guide to the running game: Rushing tips, using motion in the running game, short yardage rushing and more!
  • The complete guide to lockdown defense: Defensive shifts, coverage breakdowns, defending motion, dealing with play action and more!
  • Comprehensive New Feature guide: If it’s new to the game, it’s new to the guide!

Gun Bunch Attack 12

  • Compressed the Formation – By compressing the formation, it creates spacing for the receivers to get open when running outside pass routes.
  • Confuse Your Opponent With Route Combo Concepts – The best way to attack zone coverage is through the use of route combos. Kobra shows his favorite combos that he likes to attack zone coverage with.
  • Makes it Easy to Read Pass Coverages – The Gun Bunch is one of the easiest formations to be able to pass coverages from. Kobra shows how easy it is to read man or zone coverage.
  • Create a Proven Offensive Scheme – The Gun Bunch formation has been one of the best formations to create schemes from  over the last few years. Kobra shows two schemes that can be run that send the flanker in motion to the outside or inside to create schemes to keep your opponents off-balanced.