Kobra Breaking Down the X’s and O’s of Football

Hello, fellow football gamers, first off, I (Kobra) want to apologize to everyone for everything that has happen. I didn’t expect it as it really through me for a loop mentally and financially. Madden Guides.com has meant a lot to me as it was a site I started back in September of 2001 breaking down Madden Tips, Madden Strategies, and everything else Madden related to the game that I loved for over the last 20 years. Madden Guides helped open up a lot of other opportunities for me by doing the official Madden and NCAA Guides, doing official contractual work for EA Sports, and of course working for VG Sports with Bert, Phillyron, Big B, and LBzrules.

I have moved on to another site called X’s O’s Football.com where I continue to keep doing what I enjoy doing and that’s breaking down the  X’s and O’s of Foootball.

What is X’s O’s Football all about?

X’s O’s Football is exactly what title says it is… all about the X’s and O’s of Football. Whether it is real football or video game football, we cover it. Right now there are several videos that have been posted on the site and they are ready for your viewing pleasure! For those of you who like the way I broke down Madden and NCAA plays with my in-depth analysis and the use of the telestrator, you will feel right at home.

There are severalfree sections on the site that you may interest you. Below is a brief description of each.

  • Virtual Playbook – This section is all about breaking down real football plays that will translate over to football video games. Plays include ones that I have seen while reading books, found on the net, plays from video games, or watching real football games that I saw during the season. Each breakdown down has video and text.  In addition a good amount of the breakdowns also include images.
  • Football Strategies – This section contains strategies, schemes, tips and other X’s and O’s football related material that I have written or have found on the web. Many of these football strategies can be applied to football video games.
  • Football Video Games – In this section, you will find X’s and O’s for Madden, NCAA, 2K Football, Backbreaker, NFL Blitz, ect. Some of the videos will feature me breaking down plays, and others will be from various guests and community contributors. I have always said that getting different perspectives from all sorts of players is the best way to learn how to play.

My hope with X’s O’s Football is to bring real football fans and video football game fans together. I can’t think of any other site on the net that has attempted to do this. Maybe some of those real football fans out there will see how great of game Madden is and buy it based on the breakdowns I am doing. For those video game football fans out there, I am hoping the site will give them some more insight on how actual plays work in real football.

Current Football Video Game Guides

As of right now, we currently have three Football Video Game Guides that are being sold on the X’s O’s Football site.

Blitz Guide 13

blitz-guide-13-book-cover How Would You Like 50+ Blitz Set Ups that Bring Crazy Heat From All Sorts  Of Directions And Put Your Opponents Offense On Complete Lockdown?

Many people look at the number of plays that are offered and ask themselves, do I really need 50 plays? Isn’t that overkill? Of course Kobra doesn’t run 50 different defenses in each game. But at X’s O’s Football, we believe in over-delivering and offering the best value. We don’t want to just give you 24 plays to run. We want to give you a  Smorgasbord of blitz set ups that you can dip into any time you need to change things up.

With over 50 different schemes at your disposal, you can run 5-10 of them in one game, then change things up and bring a totally new package to the field the next time you play. This is extremely effective for online games, tournament play, and even in leagues. You can constantly change up your game so that you become unscoutable and unbeatable. We are giving you TONS of options so that you can pick and choose the plays that fit your style and team personnel. You can switch things up as often as you need to keep new and familiar opponents on their heels with combination of blitz and coverage schemes.

Why Pressure Is Key To Any Football Video Game Defensive Scheme

Below we list five reasons why you should blitz.

  • Score points on defense - There is nothing more satisfying when playing defense than to user pick a pass as your opponent is throwing into your end zone and then take the rock 100 yards the other way for a score. By calling a blitz, you can create scoring opportunities for your defense.
  • Creating turnovers - If you can’t score on defense, you can at least create turnovers by blitzing. How times have you seen a defender hitting the QB as the ball is being thrown? Often this leads to a fumble. If you don’t blitz and sit back in a bend but don’t break defense, you will be less likely to see the QB cough up the ball.
  • Force the offense to keep potential receivers into block- If the opposing QB is getting drilled into the ground all game, the offense will be forced to leave in pass blockers to help counter your blitz schemes. The problem with this is it leaves less receivers to throw to. If you a crafty defensive coordinator, you will recognize this and mix in your blitz schemes with 8-9-10-11 pass coverage schemes. With more defenders dropping back in pass coverage to defend less receivers going out on pass routes, you get coverage sacks. The game now becomes more a game of chess.
  • Counter money plays – Let face it no matter how many times the game developers try to improve defensive AI, there is always going to be money plays on the offensive side of the ball. The best way to counter moneys plays is to bring the heat and force the ball out of the QBs hands before the receivers have a chance to get open. This especially holds true on medium and deep passing plays. Force the offense to keep potential receivers into block.
  • Dictates the flow of the game – If you are an aggressive type of player who likes to blitz, you can dictate the flow of the game into a faster paced one. This can lead to a few different scenarios. It can lead to your opponent throwing a lot of interceptions, which in return allows you the opportunity to score points quickly and get a big lead. One the other hand your opponent has an opportunity to score points quickly and you have to match up with him. In either case, the game flow is faster than if you take a bend but don’t break approach.

For more info on what is in the Blitz Guide 13 – CLICK HERE

Gridiron Guide 13


If you are a serious competitor who wants to take advantage of every opportunity to improve your game…you have come to the right place! At X’s O’s Football we provide real football strategies and tips that can be easily applied to football video game such as Madden 13 or NCAA 13. Rather than showing cheats and glitches, we show how to apply real football concepts to football video games.

There are a bunch of sites out there that offer little bits of strategy and video. Some have a couple of player ratings, others a couple of play breakdowns, but nobody can match our complete 400+ page guide and over 100 plays broken down.

You will be getting an absolutely CRAZY amount of content that covers all aspects of game including:

  • The complete guide to the passing game: Using the pocket, pass routes and combinations, hot routes, motion, beating bump and run, and more!
  • The complete guide to the running game: Rushing tips, using motion in the running game, short yardage rushing and more!
  • The complete guide to lockdown defense: Defensive shifts, coverage breakdowns, defending motion, dealing with play action and more!
  • Comprehensive New Feature guide: If it’s new to the game, it’s new to the guide!
  • Free Access to the X’s O’s Filmroom: The X”s O’s Filmroom features 3-6 breakdowns weekly of various offensive and defensive plays, using text, images, video with voice over’s and telestration.
  • Telestrator Light 1.0 Tool: For those of you who like to draw up X’s and O’s for Football just like Madden does,  we have added our Telestrator Light 1.0 tool to the Gridiron Guide 13 Guide.

For more info on what is in the Gridiron Guide 13 – CLICK HERE

Gun Bunch Attack 12


If you don’t know him already, Kobra has been writing football video games guides for over 10 seasons now. But more importantly he is the original “Football Video Game Tips Guru.”

Kobra has done an incredible job breaking down the plays in the book, as he spent countless hours breaking plays down.

He’s tested 32 plays from the Gun Bunch formation to see what works and what doesn’t in a hardcore competitive game situation. He’s is the football video games version of the ultimate Gym Rat.

Below we list just a couple of the techniques and tactics you’ll find in the guide:

  • Compressed the Formation – By compressing the formation, it creates spacing for the receivers to get open when running outside pass routes.
  • Confuse Your Opponent With Route Combo Concepts – The best way to attack zone coverage is through the use of route combos. Kobra shows his favorite combos that he likes to attack zone coverage with.
  • Annihilate Bump N Run Coverage – For many players, defense is all about blitzes and bump-n-run coverage. Kobra is the go-to coach when it comes to getting your players off the line of scrimmage completely untouched. He’ll have your players getting free releases and smoking the defense in no time flat.
  • Use of Motion – Several of the plays that Kobra shows in the guide, motion is sued.  The reason he does this is to get a receiver off the line of scrimmage without being jammed at the line of scrimmage if bump-n-run man coverage is called.
  • Makes it Easy to Read Pass Coverages – The Gun Bunch is one of the easiest formations to be able to pass coverages from. Kobra shows how easy it is to read man or zone coverage.
  • Create a Proven Offensive Scheme – The Gun Bunch formation has been one of the best formations to create schemes from  over the last few years. Kobra shows two schemes that can be run that send the flanker in motion to the outside or inside to create schemes to keep your opponents off-balanced.

For more info on what is in the Gun Bunch Attack 12 – CLICK HERE

Future Plans For X’s O’s Football

As right now the plans for X’s O’s Football is keep adding plenty of X’s and O’s Football breakdowns rather it be free content or paid content. Much like the Madden Guides, I am producing same type of high quality content that always have.

For those of you who have bought products from me in the past, I want to make sure I get you taken care of you. One of the things I take pride is customer service. If you have questions about any of the guides you have bought in the past, feel free to contact me at kobra@xsosfootball.com , so I can get you taken care of.

In closing, I plan on releasing several more football guides that can easily be applied to video game football. While the graphics of the football players are not as good, the quality of the content is still the same as I did before. I think you will agree with me after you read or watch the breakdowns.


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